Auto Glass Insurance Program

Windshield Replacement no fault insurance claimScottsdale Auto Glass accepts all insurance companies pricing arrangements so that there will never be any out of pocket expenses for you. We are accepted and approved by all insurance companies including: State Farm, Allstate, Farmers, American Family, Geico,  Progressive, USAA, Liberty Mutual, Esurance, Hartford and Nationwide. If you carry a $0 deductible glass waiver on your comprehensive insurance policy we will give you $50 Cash Back (at time of service) just for using Scottsdale Auto Glass Replacement.  In addition, for your security we will provide you with a lifetime warranty that is good throughout the nation.


What will my insurance company ask when filing a auto glass insurance claim?

What is the policyholders name? (The person listed on the insurance card) Some insurance companies will only take the claim from the policyholder listed.

What is your insurance policy number? Please note: Some insurance companies (State Farm) have different policy numbers for each vehicle.

What piece of glass got damages on your car? (Windshield, Door Glass, Vent Glass, Quarter Glass, Back Glass)

Was there any other damages besides just glass? Please note: if the answer is yes, you may be required to pay your comprehensive deductible.

Was anyone hurt as a result of this damage?

Was there a claim filed with your insurance company prior to this notice? If you only spoke to your agent and no other damage occurred then there will be no claim number so the answer is no.

When did the damage occur? Please note: Your insurance company cannot pick the date for you. If you don’t know the date exactly, pick a time when you expect the damage could have occurred, when you first noticed it, or the date the break spread. Make sure you had coverage on this date. Also note: If you pick a date in the past (6 months or longer) your insurance company may have to archive the information and it may delay your claim.

In what state did the damage occur?

Is the damaged area on the automobile windshield larger than 6 inches? Please note: if the answer is yes, your insurance company will ask that you have the windshield repaired versus replaced. It is still unclear who has the final say; You the Policyholder, Insurance Company, Arizona Department of Transportation, or the Auto Glass Repair Facility. Also note; that some insurance companies require random inspections before the auto glass repair facility receives authorization to do the windshield replacement. (Some of these insurance companies include American Family, Geico, and now USAA.)

Random Inspections: The reason insurance companies claim that they require random windshield inspections are to prevent fraudulent claims and to keep costs down for policyholders. Random inspections are conducted to verify that your windshield is broken or broken beyond repair.

However, Scottsdale Auto Glass Replacement believes that these inspections are conducted solely to delay claim processing, make auto windshield claim filing more difficult to minimize claims, and to deter business to the affiliated shop Safelite Auto Glass. All of which are illegal and unethical practices.

First thing you should realize is that the three companies that are now known to participate in random inspections are American Family, Geico and USAA. All of which, are members of the Safelite Solutions Auto Glass Program. In fact, in the past (possible present), Safelite Solutions on behalf of these insurance companies hired Safelite Auto Glass (the repair and replacement center) to conduct these windshield inspections. In other words, Safelite Solutions hires Scottsdale Windshield Replacements direct competitor to perform the inspections. How is that for wrong? Now, Safelite Auto Glass has all the opportunity to persuade our customers to use them instead of us. Heck, there already out there.

Secondly, if your insurance company is trying to reduce fraudulent claims, then they are investigating you. Auto glass claims are no longer allowed to be called in by windshield repair shops. Most insurance companies stopped that about the same time of the NAGS recalculation and the birth of third-party administrators. So if you filed the claim, they are verifying that your windshield is really broken like you have stated. So, your inspector (maybe our competitor) will come out to your home or business and say, “By golly, your windshield is broke.”

Third, if your windshield is repairable, and you want to have it replaced and not repaired, it is still your right to choose. You pay the insurance monthly premium, right? Scottsdale Windshield Replacement believes that insurance companies under the Safelite Solutions umbrella are trying to initiate another industry standard by making it the insurance companies right to decide whether  a windshield be repaired or replaced. Remember, these major insurance companies and Safelite Solutions together have the power to make this happen.

After the claim has been filed most insurance companies are able to verify the coverage at the time of reporting the windshield claim and give the glass shop authorization to complete the work. However, some insurance companies must use an offline verification method because the (TPA) does not have direct access to policy information. In this case, the TPA will email your insurance company for coverage verification and then call you back at a later time. In these instances, they will not give us authorization to do the work until coverage has been verified. It typically takes about 24 hours for the verification process to take place. In an emergency situation, Scottsdale Windshield Replacement will call your agent directly to get coverage details.


Auto Glass & Your Insurance Company

As an insurance policyholder in Arizona, you have a right to pick any auto glass repair facility of your choice. What this means, is that by law, you can use any auto glass repair shop to perform the work on your car. In fact, insurance company representatives and agents are not allowed to recommend another auto glass repair facility without notifying you of this right. However, we know that many agents do not share that bit of information with you because they are receiving kickbacks from their preferred auto glass repair shops.

Ethical behavior? No. But, it does happen all the time. Therefore, Scottsdale Auto Glass Replacement recommends that you choose your own auto glass repair shop so that you can receive all the benefits not your agent. Regardless, of the auto glass repair shop chosen, insurance companies will only pay “fair and reasonable prices” based off NAG’S (National Auto Glass Specifications) benchmark pricing. So, auto glass repair shops are no longer able to up-charge insurance companies for glass replacements.

Two major things happened over the past 20 years to help control insurance auto glass replacement claim costs. First, it was third-party glass administrators (TPA) hired by insurance companies to eliminate fraudulent claims and reduce costs. TPA’s were now required to only accept claims from the policyholder directly and to verify their identity to insure legitimate claims.

And Second, NAG’S (National Auto Glass Specification) benchmark prices were recalculated and adjusted to better align product profit margins. Back in the day, windshield repair companies were able to charge NAG’S list prices for windshields that ran as high as $2000 dollars. Now, that is a huge profit margin since the cost of glass is fairly inexpensive.  No, Scottsdale Auto Glass Replacement was not in business during these days.

Now, with the new NAGS recalculation that occurred about 10 year ago or so, the average windshield list price is about $200-$250. That’s a huge difference from the prior $1000-$2000 range. Plus, it has been customary that TPA’s and insurance companies take an additional discount off of the new NAG’S calculations. So, it definitely does not make for a huge profit margin any more.

Third-Party Glass Administrators (TPA) plays a huge role in all automobile glass replacement insurance claims. Most major insurance companies employ third-party glass administrators to handle car glass claims on their behalf; the two largest TPA’s are Safelite Solutions and LYNX Services. Often times, people confuse Safelite Solutions with their financially affiliated counterpart Safelite Auto Glass. Safelite Auto Glass provides auto glass repair and replacement services and is a direct competitor of Scottsdale Auto Glass Replacement.

However, many insurance companies, agents, representatives, and competitors (that don’t offer incentives) will lead you to believe that auto glass repair facilities that offer incentives must be overcharging you or your insurance company. Now, your insurance company knows that this isn’t possible anymore because they will only pay fair and reasonable prices based off of the new NAG’s benchmark pricing structure. But, since most insurance companies utilize a TPA whom is financially affiliated with other auto glass repair facilities that don’t offer incentives; they lead you to believe fraudulent behavior is still occurring. It’s called the scare tactic! In fact, insurance companies will just short pay auto glass repair facilities that overcharge what they feel are “fair and reasonable” prices.

How are “fair and reasonable prices” determined by insurance companies? Good question. It typically is based off industry standard. In other words, how much auto glass repair facilities will do the work for which is controlled by TPA’s that are financially affiliated with other glass shops. Confused? That’s the name of the game. We believe that insurance companies and affiliated TPA’s try to confuse law officials of unethical price fixing by inner mingling their obligated responsibly.

In other words, “fair and reasonable prices” are determined by insurance companies based off of industry auto glass insurance claims. The largest auto glass company in the nation is Safelite Auto Glass that is financially affiliated with Safelite Solutions whom is the largest TPA. Scottsdale Auto Glass Replacement believes that Safelite Solutions is driving “fair and reasonable prices” down by sending the work to Safelite Auto Glass for a lower cost which lowers industry standard.

Why would Safelite Auto Glass provide windshield replacement services at a lower cost and drive the standard industry price down? Because they are able to charge a higher claim processing fee with their TPA and affiliate Safelite Solutions. We feel that this kind of direct affiliation can lead to unethical practices and should not be legal. However, most auto glass repair companies are not large enough to fight back on their own especially, with a company as large as the Safelite Group. Did I mention that Safelite owns and operates a glass manufacturing department as well? That will be covered in a later section to come.

Safelite Solutions (TPA) handles auto glass replacement claims for hundreds of insurance companies including; Farmers, Geico, American Family, USAA, Nationwide, Liberty Mutual, AAA, Progressive, Esurance, and Hartford. So, if you call a claim into one these insurance companies and you follow the prompts for glass claims only you will be transferred to Safelite Solutions. Safelite Solutions requires that all insurance policyholders be present to file a car windshield claim to prevent auto glass companies from filing fraudulent claims.

LYNX Services handles automobile glass claim services for two major insurance companies including Allstate and State Farm. Although, LYNX Services does not own or operate an independent windshield repair facility they are far from conducting ethical business practices. LYNX Services has thousands of auto glass repair affiliates that are able to bid on jobs by pricing. Therefore, Allstate and State Farm policyholders that call their insurance company or LYNX Services directly to file a claim may not be provided with a reputable windshield repair facility. They may be directed to a repair facility solely based off of the lowest price.

LYNX Services allows auto glass repair shops to bid on jobs, the deeper the discount given to LYNX/State Farm the larger the profit or savings. It is unclear whether LYNX is receiving these added discounts as a profit or State Farm is capitalizing on these discounts by a lower cost. As I mentioned earlier, all insurance pricing is based off of fair and reasonable pricing. So, auto glass repair companies must accept these prices or be short paid.

Scottsdale Auto Glass Replacement is a member of this network of shops and honors all insurance “fair and reasonable” pricing structures. Therefore you will never have to pay any additional out of pocket costs. However, one of these insurance companies that is under the LYNX Services umbrella (State Farm) does not allow auto glass repair facilities to provide State Farm policyholders with any incentives.

Since, Scottsdale Auto Glass Replacement offers all  policyholders $50 Cash Back with any $0 deductible windshield replacement claim including State Farm; LYNX services reads an additional disclaimer in their call script saying that, “You have the right to choose your auto glass repair facility but be sure to make sure that they will not be charging you any additional charges.”  Scottsdale Auto Glass Replacement is not willing to exclude State Farm policyholders from their cash offering.  It’s better to offer the incentive to all customers rather than all customers except State Farm.

As mentioned earlier, Scottsdale Auto Glass Replacement honors all insurance pricing structures including State Farms. In fact, you will hear us accept the pricing structure during the conference call. We really don’t understand why it is alright for LYNX Services/State Farm to accept gifts in the form of discounts but don’t allow for gifts to be given to State Farm policyholders directly by the auto glass repair shop. In other words, their saying, you can give me money but not my customers.  I would think that they would want to take care of their customers as long as they were provided with a high level of quality service.