Auto Glass Repair FAQ’s

Auto Windshield Replacement ScottsdaleOur auto glass specialists conduct the entire process of windshield replacement in a manner that keeps you informed, safe and confident. Our goal is to provide you with a helpful consultation that explains everything you need to know about your auto glass repair. The following is a series of commonly asked questions. You can review this section if you have any immediate concerns, but feel free to call the office to get a live answer from one of our dedicated window glass repair persons.

What Type of Glass Do You Use for Your Repair Projects?

Our company prides itself on providing our customers with regulation windshield glass. We use the glass that meets all federal regulation standards. Our goal is to provide you with a sturdy windshield replacement that will pass any inspection. We use glass that comes from various providers such as Mopar, Guardian, PPG and Pilkington. However, we will accommodate you if you would like us to use the glass from a provider that we have not mentioned thus far.

What Are the Different Types of Glass?

There are three main types of glass that exist: OEM, factory and aftermarket. OEM glass comes from companies that make glass windshields for automobile companies. Companies such as Mopar and Carlite fit that description. Such companies use the exact specifications that the automobile dealer requires, and it uses the automobile dealer’s insignia.

Aftermarket glass is glass that the creators do not form with the original template, but it still has the same thickness and color. Factory glass is glass that the creators make using a reverse fashion. They do not use the original template. Instead, the template comes from the windshield’s measurements.

What Is Federally Regulated Glass?

The federal organizations regulate window glass based upon the vinyl thickness and numerous additional aspects. All windshields have to meet the federal standards.

How Are Windshields Made?

Manufacturers make windshields using a complex process. They place a vinyl sheet in between two pieces of glass, and that vinyl sheet keeps the windshield secure. Pebbles and tree branches usually only scratch the top layer of glass when they hit your windshield.

Who Made My Glass?

You can obtain information on your windshield’s manufacturers by looking at the bottom of your windshield. You should find a Department of Transportation code. All windshields that are sold in the United States must have such a code on them.

Will the Window Installation Cause Damage to My Car?

The window installation will not cause damage to your car. All of our specialists are trained and experienced in their field. They are required to have at least five years of experience before they can work on your vehicle. You can count on our specialists to provide you with a professional and worry-free installation or repair.

Is Your Work Guaranteed?

We offer a lifetime guarantee on every windshield job that we do. That means you’re protected against defects and leakage. You can call in on your guarantee as long as you are leasing your vehicle or you own the vehicle in question.

How Do I Take Care of My Glass After an Installation?

You’ll want to be careful during the first 24 hours following the installation. What you’ll want to do is avoid slamming your vehicle’s doors and avoid high-pressure car washes. You will want to leave a small crack in the windows to avoid an air pocket or pressure buildup, as well. You will have to wait approximately one hour after the installation before you can drive your vehicle home. You can remove the tape that the specialist uses on your glass after the initial 24-hour period. You’re good to go after that.

What Hours Are You Open?

Our normal operating hours are between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. We have brief hours on Saturday that last from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. However, we can accommodate you if our scheduled hours do not meet your needs. We have specialists who are willing to meet you halfway. The last thing we want is for you to have to drive around with a cracked or damaged windshield.

How Long Will an Installation Take?

The average installation takes about one hour for our specialists to perform. Delays may arise if your specialist chooses to use a different method, or if a complication occurs. Expect to spend at least 2.5 hours at the shop.

What Does My Quote Include?

The auto glass repair quotes that we give you will include the windshield replacement, the labor costs, the warranty and the valley-wide service. You will receive free valley-wide service with your orders. To obtain an accurate quote price, you’ll need to have your vehicle’s year, make and model information on hand. You may need some additional information if your vehicle has special windshield options such as heated glass, rain sensors or off-color shades.

How Can I Get Windshield Repairs Today?

Call us for a quote or complete an online request for help. The number to call is 602-639-4978.

I Can’t Drive? Can You Come to Me?

We most certainly can come out to you. In fact, we’re delighted to offer our mobile services to you. We’ll meet you for repairs in Scottsdale, Tempe, Arizona, Phoenix, Mesa, Peoria and Surprise. Our mobile service is FREE for you. Don’t hesitate on getting the windshield replacement or repairs that you desperately need. Call the company today and have one of our repair experts come out and take care of the job for you.