Fixing or New Sun & Bug Screens Installations

Fixing screens & doorIf you need screen repair or replacement for your windows, storm door, sliding doors or screened porch in Phoenix or the surrounding area, we can meet your need quickly and with the best quality your money can buy. We repair, build and install window screens, sliding patio screens, storm doors and disappearing screens as well as pet guards and pet friendly screens. We build our own screens, so a custom look and size is no problem. We will be glad to visit your home or business anywhere in the valley, and to provide a free quote for your repair or replacement project.

We offer both insect screens and sun screens for windows. The screens that come with most windows are known as insect or big screens. These cover half the window, allowing the window to remain open but keep bugs from entering your home. Sun screens are more expensive, but serve a much larger purpose. The Salt River Valley is known as the Valley of the Sun for a reason. The Phoenix sun can drive up electricity bills by making it difficult to cool your home. Sun screens cover the entire window and block sun from coming through. This keeps the home cooler and provides privacy for the home, in addition to keeping insects at bay. We use only the finest products, including SunScreens and Super Solar Screens by


Privacy makes screens which block up to 90% of the sun’s rays. Their Suntex line of screens includes the popular SunScreen, which blocks 70%. The Solor Screens come in increments of 80% and 90%, and the Super Solar screens block more than 90% of the heat and harmful rays from coming into your home. The Super Solar Screens are the top-of-the-line sun screen in the industry. They offer the best daytime privacy in combination with the highest protection from the sun on the market.

Sun screens offer year-round comfort and economy for your home. They prevent the sun from damaging upholstery, artwork and anything else that might be faded or subject to sun rot.

All of’s products are highly effective thanks to their specially designed ribbed weave. The screens block both heat and glare, even while the windows are open. This is something that window tint films cannot provide. In fact, the cost of having tint films installed can be 30 to 50% more than the cost of sun screens. We can custom build frames in the color and size that you need using any of the screens. They install in the same manner as your current insect screens, meaning there is no additional hardware added to your windows.



Fixing screensOur insect screens are also built using the best products available, including fiberglass, aluminum and mesh. We can replace your insect worn screens with custom screens or factory replacement screens. Bug screens are frequently ripped and torn by pets or children, or through general exposure to the sun and overuse. Storms can also damage these screens more readily than sun screens, meaning they occasionally need repair or replacement.

We can provide a free estimate anywhere in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, and fix some screens on site through our mobile service. Screens that need major repairs or custom replacement screens are turned around quickly, and you will have your screens in place within a few days. All of our custom frames are built to your project’s specifications using the best practices for both durability and aesthetics. They are also designed for easy removal and replacement, so your windows will be easier to clean and maintain.

While we can order factory screens for your windows in many cases, our custom screens and frames have additional benefits. We offer a wide-range of frame colors as well as options for screen types and colors. This means we can improve the look of your home while replacing your big screens.