Settling a Claim on Car Accident Injury

When a car accident happened and you sustained not just damage to your car but also physical injury, you will have to contact both you and another party’s insurer to settle the injury claim. Some insurers will settle your home damage claim promptly. But many of the time, the compensation received is under what is actually due to you.

If you wanted to acquire the full quantity of the claim then you can negotiate your settlement without the lawyer. A personal injury lawyer anyway takes a percentage of the settlement as the service fee. Or you might get much more settlements if you use a lawyer despite fees are deducted.  Whichever you decide as long as you have enough evidences that will support your claim, then go for it contact them now.

First, research the time limit for filing of any personal injury claim in your place. This would give you an idea on the amount of time you have to process the claim. Remember each state has different statute of limitations. It usually starts from the day’s the injury until a specified time like 1-4 years depending towards the state you are leaving. You must settle it before the time expires or you will forfeit the claim you deserve.

Ask a copy of medical record from the doctor or the hospital that provides you with treatment for your injuries. Keep all of the receipts of the medical bills you paid. Send a request for the records of the police force agency that investigates the accident. The accident reports can be used as evidence of the actual scenario of the accident.

Whatever expenses you have paid in relation to the accident, also have a copy of the receipts. Pay stubs from the company you worked for should you missed going to work because of the injury. Insurance estimates and repair bills if you repaired part or the entire car.

Have a picture of the car following the accident showing the damage and once you have repaired it. If by any chance you have your camera with you during the accident, make the most of it by taking pictures from the scene or the location from the accident, the position of the cars, the witnesses and all sorts of other angle that might be useful in the future.

Any other expenses you’ve incurred while you are recuperating within the hospital or at home should be documented. You will have the full quantity of the compensation you are eligible for if you have enough evidences to aid your claim. Sneak in at for more details.

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