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You’ll Never Have Dead Vehicle Batteries Using The Deltran Battery Tender

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

Posted by Penny Stocks Lots of people have supplemental vehicles or other things that use a battery, that need to be charged when they are not being used. The easy alternative is to use something like the Deltran Battery Tender 12-volt/1.25-amp 2-Bank Battery Management System. The Deltron Battery Tender is great to have particularly if you have two 12-volt lead-acid batteries that need to be all set to go. It can power two 12-volt lead-acid batteries and it can charge Gel Cell and sealed AGM batteries at the same time. It’s setup to function safely in automatic mode and it utilizes a 3-step charging process. When used together, your battery power will be charged up and all set for immediate use. The three phases of the program are initialization, bulk charge and float mode, and they permit the user to connect two batteries up to the charger. The charging can be carried out either in the vehicle or outside and batteries can be left with the charger until needed. It is excellent to work with when you have cars that are seasonal, or recreational like snowmobiles, ATV’s, jet skis, motorcycles and others. Since it uses a sophisticated microprocessor technology, it really is safe for the batteries. The batteries aren’t going to be damaged because of overcharging because the tender automatically switches the output voltage to float or storage levels. The identical technology begins the charging action again when the voltage of the battery drops too low. There are various capabilities to the unit, including spark-proof connectors, protection against reverse polarity and short circuits. Each recharging bank has a charging status LED indicator, which is easy to understand, and it comes in lightweight construction that is also durable. The LED status display screen will let you know if your setup is correct even the box itself is not very big. Generally if the light is green, it’s good to go, amber notifys you it is tendering, and red means that it is bad. The tender won’t charge batteries that are below three volts since it is not a traditional charger. The batteries can get the capacity when needed and the tender closely keeps track of the status. If your battery is flat, then a normal charge is required so the tender will start to charge. If you drive a motorcycle on nice and sun-drenched days, having a tender to keep the batteries powered is a good idea. In general, most customers are quite pleased about the Deltran Battery Tender 12-volt/1.25-amp 2-Bank Battery Management System. The only major criticism from many end users is the leads are too short, however they can be resolved by using extensions. For anyone who has related equipment or vehicles that sit around for a while, this battery tender can keep the batteries ready for use, whenever the operator is ready. Read more from~Find more from~Visit~Thanks for reading~Hope you enjoyed my postwriting Penny Stocks