The wealthy: It all started with a van

Thanks to his autobiography, it is a well known fact that Sir Alan Sugar the business expert and star of the BBC’s The Apprentice TV show started his business Amstrad and huge empire by selling car aerials from the confines of a van.

Many wannabe business men are aware that business smart Duncan Bannetine a judge on another of the BBC’s business shows Dragons Den sold ice cream to children from out of a van before he started making the more serious investments he made to become the multi billionaire he is today. The dragon’s own experiences with van business also swayed him to back a growing cleaning company – UK Commercial Cleaning Services Ltd with a 100,000 pound investment when they pitched to the panel on the show.

In the wake of these revelations and the fact that a vehicle can also be used as a work premises to begin with has seen many more individuals attempting to strike it rich with van based businesses.

If aerials, cleaning or ice cream do not sound too appealing, then you could try one of the following van based businesses?


  • The control of pests
  • Pet care
  • The restoration of furniture
  • Vehicle repairs
  • Landscaping and gardening
  • Valeting cars/other vehicles


If you are inspired to begin your own empire from the back of a van, do not forget that your should get yourself some comprehensive business van insurance in order to cover yourself in case of incidents such as fires, theft or collisions. You might want to get one with

Tradesman insurance is also vital; this type of insurance will insure tools and materials belonging to you, whether they are stored in your van or elsewhere. Non comprehensive van insurance cover will not protect the contents of your van.

I suggest you research business insurance financials ahead of continuing with the other stages of your business proposition.

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