Window Tint Films

Window Tint Films ArizonaRegardless of the window type, be it residential, business, or automobile, window tint films have several advantages. Tinting windows is certainly nothing new, but today the tint is of a higher quality. Solargard is a leader in window films having revolutionized the solar control films that are precision made in technically advanced facilities.

Window Films Protect

How often in the summer months have you got into your vehicle and it is too hot to touch anything? The sun ray’s that come in through the windows can be very damaging to the interior of your automobile. Think of window films as sunglasses for your vehicle, home or commercial building, it adds protection to everything inside.

Windows that are not tinted can also cause discoloration of anything inside a building or vehicle that is in direct sunlight.

Cut Down on Energy Costs

When the sun beats down on the windows of your home or business, the interior of the building becomes warmer. This means that you will have to use more air conditioning to cool the space. The more AC that is used, the more you will spend in utilities. Not only will you cut down on your energy costs, but it is also better for the environment.

Precision Installation

You probably have seen tinting on vehicle windows that had bubbles between the tint and the window making it look very unprofessional. However, with Solargards authorized dealers, the technicians will install the window tint films precisely so that no one can see the edges of the film and certainly no bubbles.

Adding a Sense of Security

While window films will not protect the glass 100 percent from breakage, it will help protect a window better. A rock hitting an unprotected window can cause a great deal of damage so that the window needs to be replaced. A rock thrown at a tinted window will not break as easily since the film gives a natural shield from the rock.

Cutting Out the UV Rays

It’s no secret that the sun’s UV rays can cause damage to your skin, but it can also ruin furniture, vehicle interiors, paintings, and much more. Tinting the windows shields your inside belongings and your skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays.

Privacy Inside the Home

Window films for your home can act as a great privacy barrier. Using curtains and blinds block out the sun’s natural light. Window tinting helps you to enjoy the natural lighting from the sun, but without worrying about a passerby being able to see inside your home.

Solargard Window Tinting

Solargard tinting for residential, commercial, and automotive offers the very best in precision since the company is technologically advanced in the films it produces. Having the window films professionally installed will help to ensure the best look and benefits from the tinted films.

Lastly, having window films installed will cut down on glare. When driving, glare can be quite dangerous, but tinted windows have the anti-glare built in. This protects the eyes and makes driving safer.