Windshield Chip Repair Process

Car Windshield RepairsA windshield chip repair is the method of removing debris and air from a break or crack of a windshield and putting in clear resin to fill up the empty space. When it entirely has been filled, the resin by exposure to ultraviolet light is then hardened, bringing back the strength and preventing the break from traveling further. A windshield chip repair is done only on laminated glass like car windshields. In order to keep the structure intact the resin gets inserted between the two layers of the glass.


If the break is smaller than the size of a business card the majority of car windshields can be successfully repaired. A car windshield repair is unable to make an impact point entirely disappear; nevertheless, it may improve in appearance by as much as sixty-eighty percent. There are numerous factors that decide the success of a windshield chip repair they include the size, the type of break, the area of the break.


Car Windshield Pits

If the top layer of the laminated glass or the windshield does not break completely through than it cannot be fixed. At times, there are pits in windshields and the top part of the windshield does not entirely break. This is a problem because there is no place to put in the windshield repair resin. On the other hand, windshield pits do not spread.


Sand Blasted Automobile Windshields

Some windshields become extremely pitted overtime due to Arizona’s dirt roads, sand storms, and daily driving in the Arizona desert. Scottsdale Windshield Replacement refers to windshields that are extremely pitted to be “sand blasted”. Sand blasted windshields are not repairable and should be replaced. When a windshield is sand blasted it can cause sun rays to extend from these small pits causing the driver of the car to be blinded during certain conditions. These driving conditions are very unsafe for the driver and passengers of the car and should be addressed as soon as possible. Most insurance companies will replace a windshield that has become sand blasted under comprehensive coverage. Many policyholders carry glass endorsements with a $0 deductible on their comprehensive insurance policy without even know it. Therefore, a car windshield replacement would not cost the policyholder anything. In fact, with Scottsdale Windshield Replacement, we will pay you $50 instant cash for having your windshield replaced with us. Visit our Windshield Insurance FAQ’s page for more information about your insurance company and windshield replacement claims.


Windshield Chip Repair Benefits:

  • Less costly than replacing a car windshield
  • Completed chip repairs in less than thirty minutes
  • The factory car windshield seal remains intact
  • Majority of insurance companies relinquish deductibles for a windshield chip repair
  • Windshields structural integrity is uncompromised
  • Auto windshield chip repair satisfaction assured


Threat of a Windshield Chip Repair (Majority of businesses will not provide this information)

Throughout the windshield chip repair process, the repair person must apply pressure to the broken area. Therefore, during this process there is a possibility that the windshield repair can crack-out. This does not occur often. Typically, your repair-person can recognize breaks that run a higher risk of spreading out further and will discuss this matter with you before starting the windshield chip repair. Rock breaks that have long legs extending from the impact point run the highest risk. However, it is better to attempt the repair and try to save the windshield versus not too. This is because if the break already has legs running from the impact point, the legs will keep expanding out until it reaches the edge of the car windshield.  Your trained repairperson will do everything to stop and prevent the break from continuing any further; nevertheless, Scottsdale Windshield Replacement is cannot be held responsible if this happens. Scottsdale Windshield Replacement will not charge you for a repair that has failed. In addition, our company will give you a low and competitive car windshield replacement price.


Windshield Chip Repair Process

O Verify and inspect the cars windshield damage

O Confirm repair successful probability and talk with


O Protect exterior and interior of work area

O Remove air and debris from windshields break

O Drill the damaged area if needed to inject resin

O Put windshield repair resin into break

O Put UV light over damaged part to harden sufficiently

O Remove extra resin from the repaired area

O Polish if needed

O Clean the repaired windshield